Conference talks
Speaker Talk
G. Akrivis Stability of implicit and implicit-explicit multistep methods for nonlinear parabolic equations (pdf)
N. Alikakos On the structure of phase transition maps
D. Antonopoulos Error estimates for Galerkin finite element methods for the Camassa-Holm equation (pdf)
D. Antonopoulou Finite element methods for the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation near the sharp interface limit (pdf)
J. Bona Ill-posedness results for water wave models (pdf)
C. Dafermos Energy dissipation at maximal rate (pdf)
A. Duran On a nonlocal Boussinesq system for internal waves (pdf)
A. Hadjidimos Solution of the Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP) (pdf)
N. Kampanis Calibration/validation of climatic forecast using ground and satellite data (pdf)
O. Karakashian Finite element methods for a system of dispersive equations (pdf)
Th. Katsaounis A posteriori error control and adaptivity for Schrödinger equations (pdf)
M. Loulakis Model reduction and reconstruction in metastable Markov processes (pdf)
Ch. Makridakis Entropy stable schemes for hyperbolic systems (pdf)
M. Mitrouli Estimating the binary inverse form via extrapolation (pdf)
D. Mitsotakis Numerical solution of the Serre equations for fully nonlinear surface water waves (pdf)
B. Pelloni The unified Fokas transform and its numerical implementation (pdf)
J.-C. Saut Solitary waves in two-layer systems modeling internal waves (pdf)
Em. Skarsoulis Real-time prediction of underwater noise due to shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (pdf)
I. Stratis The exterior Calderon operator for a non-spherical geometry (pdf)
C. Synolakis Numerical modeling for tsunami hazard assessment in the Aegean Sea (pdf)
M. Taroudakis Statistical characterization of underwater acoustic signals with applications in acoustical oceanography (pdf)
G. Zouraris On the convergence of the Crank-Nicolson/FEM for a linear stochastic heat equation (pdf)